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MG Odra Gas, spol. s r.o., Na Popinci 1088, 739 32 Vratimov
tel.: 595 685 431, fax: 595 682 403
e-mail: mgog@mgog.cz


The basic strategy of MG Odra Gas, spol. s r.o., is to reach such a level of safety so that its activities will not cause danger to the health and lives of its employees and inhabitants in the surroundings, property and environment.
Meeting this goal is provided by observing all principles, rules and legal requirements in the area of safety at work, fire prevention and protection of environment.

As our company deals with hazardous chemical substances in amounts which exceed the limits pursuant to Act No.59/2006 Coll. (On prevention of serious accidents), our plants are classified as Group A. The Act also requires preparing a programme of prevention of serious accidents for the operation of the air separation and acetylene plants.

Active application of Act No. 59/2006 Coll., On prevention of serious accidents, includes a set of technical, routine and physical measures of the protection of the company’s objects. One of the technical measures applied by our company is also an access system which is used for the registration of people entering the premises of the company and a camera system for monitoring of selected technological facilities and areas at the company’s premises.

The category of data subjects pursuant to Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the protection of personal data, includes company’s employees, customers, suppliers or people in another relation with our company. Personal data obtained directly from the data subjects or the camera system are processed only in our company and they are not handed over to other domestic or international receivers.

Serious accidents prevention policy



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