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last update: 16.5.2023


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MG Odra Gas, spol. s r.o., Na Popinci 1088, 739 32 Vratimov
tel.: 595 685 431, fax: 595 682 403
e-mail: mgog@mgog.cz

Quality Management System and EMS

MG Odra Gas, spol. s r.o. is a manufacturer of technical and medical gases and operates equipment for the production, storage, and pipeline transfer of these products. Among our services offered to clients is the servicing and maintenance of the technical equipment used for the transport and storage of these gases.

Our highest priorities include continuous quality development and improvement at all levels, the recognition and satisfaction of our clients' needs, environmental protection, care for our employees' workplace and social conditions, and a commitment to workplace safety.

For these reasons, our company has implemented quality management controls according to ISO 9001 and has been certified; additionally our company has been certified within the Environmental Management System (EMS) according to the norms in ISO 14001.


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